About BLOV

by Nicholas Ross

Bobcats Leaving Out Violence (BLOV) is a student organization at Texas State that focuses on raising domestic violence awareness.

BLOV T-Shirt

Photo taken by Nicholas Ross

This organization began in 2010 to honor Tiffanie Suzanne Perry, a senior at Texas State and business management major, who lost her life due to domestic violence.  A group from a capstone management class started BLOV as an attempt to honor their friend and classmate.

Officially, BLOV has five members and a faculty advisor; however, there are many separate groups working on projects dedicated to BLOV.  In all, nearly 50 people are furthering the organization’s message.  The group has a $10 member fee, but with this fee you are given a BLOV t-shirt.

According to their website, BLOV’s mission statement is as follows, “Raise awareness in the surrounding communities regarding domestic and relationship violence and sexual assault by helping people realize self-worth, through social change with educational resources from local organizations and help provide them with financial support.”

BLOV has evolved from a class project to pursue domestic violence awareness on Texas State’s campus, to be involved in a National Rollout plan that aims to inspire other universities to begin groups against domestic violence, and to be involved with awareness surrounding the Tiffanie Suzanne Perry Foundation (Unsilence the Violence).

According to a survey administered by BLOV, roughly 270 out of 900 students in the San Marcos area said they had experienced domestic violence, or knew someone who had.

BLOV Contact Information


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